Coming from the island of Reunion, Agrume returns to us with a stellar EP with a classic French House sound that reminds us of the age of Crydamoure. In the short time he has been with us, Agrume has been an integral part of Future Society. His last release, “Still Young” truly gave us a taste of what this man is really capable of. “Days Of Future Funk” is Agrume’s brilliant take on the Future Funk genre and it’s easily going to be something to listen to from first track to last.

 Join us as we talk to the mastermind behind this EP as we ask him a few questions here!


 Question 1: Joining Future Society

When you submitted your music to the collective I was up taken back by the sharp quality and creativity, how long have you been making music and what inspired you to become a producer?

 I became a producer when I was 15 years old after listening to Pendulum’s “In Silico” and deadmau5’ “Get Scraped.”  I used to produce everything, but I found a sort of stability in Deep House music. However, the funk took more and more space in my tracks and it drove me to be part of this great family


Question 2: Traditional to Net

From what you’ve told me, you’ve had quite the experience with all kinds of labels both large and small, how does our little internet collective and it’s community differ from the professional and sometimes more by the book setting other labels operate in?

 Well it differ in the cohesion between artists within the structures. I met great people and made great friends since I joined FSC. The culture in the movements differs too, it’s a really otaku oriented movement and I love it, but what makes the difference is freedom. With 96 Musique (The label I work with), when I sample someone, I know it will be hard to release it because they have to clear the samples. It take time and it can cost between 8 to 10 thousand dollars for buying the rights to use it in a track.


Question 3: Days of Future Funk

This EP you’ve given Future Society is really something special. From how it sounds to me, it’s totally an Agrume take on the Future Funk style. What inspired you to make it and what does it mean to you?

 Future Funk is in my opinion, the direct son of the 90’s French House. I wanted to mix it with my tastes and my vision of Future Funk by not using a sample like the core of the track, but more like an instrument. It’s the EP I’ve always wanted to release somewhere. I have been inspired from every little things that happen in my life, but first of all I wanted to create something joyful and positive. The old school house tracks guided me too for the creation of this EP.


Question 4: Things On The Horizon & Other Works

Being the driven and charismatic person you are, you seem to be working quite a lot in many different places.  What other labels are you a part of and do you have any releases or upcoming shows you might want to talk about that you have in the works?

 I’m part of 96 Musique, It’s my other family. I really love them, they are open minded, kind, and warm hearted. I’m glad to work with these guys. I’m focused on an album that I will release with them. But I have some great previous releases with them as well. Right now I’m not looking for shows but I will soon!


 Question 5: Agrume’s Inspirations and Recommendations

You have quite a lot of different styles of music that you make, what musicians inspire you and what kind of music would you recommend to our readers if they wanted to get into your tastes?

 Well my influences are really diverse. I’m mainly influenced by Deadmau5, Justice, Daft Punk, Alan Braxe, Fred Falke, Benjamin Diamond. But I learned a lot from Nobuo Uematsu-sensei for harmonics and arrangement, Shinichi Osawa, LCD Soundsystem, Soulwax, Blende, Lemaître, Gramatik. Hans Zimmer is a great influence on me too.