Fibre has had a long history with Future Society. Being amongst some of the most veteran of the collective, he has been an incredibly active and dedicated part of our family. In the past he has partaken in many releases, notably Future Society Volume I, the first Single Series, and the split EP known as Virtues with Aritus. While Fibre took some time away from Future Society during the second half of 2016 to focus more on his own musical endeavors and work on his upcoming label, Montaime, he is back with two stellar singles! One of the tracks features Moe Collective Founder and FSC member Discandy and the other is a remaster from Fibre’s Winter Club Record single, Don’t Stop Me. Check it here!

Not only do we get this wonderful release, but we have the pleasure of getting into the mind of Fibre and asking him some questions! Be sure to check further releases in the future for interviews as we will be making these more frequent.

Question 1: A new direction.

You’ve taken somewhat of a turn away from Future Funk and have been focusing on a different style, could you elaborate what kind of music that is, who is inspiring you, and where do you want to take your sound?

After two EP’s and a couple of singles, I was already making music for around 4 years, and was starting to get bored. Music began to feel formulaic and I started to lack inspiration. It was frustrating, since I still wanted to make music, but I wasn’t able to satisfy my own measure of quality.
After I finished 810 (the single), I planned to start composing more. Over 10 months, I started to develop my sound into something much more unique and far less limiting. I started incorporating elements I would’ve never had the capability of including. I started to seriously pick up instruments and study music theory.
I haven’t released any of those songs yet, but the people that have heard them so far have enjoyed it! There is definitely a lot in the works right now, including some collaborations, a compilation and a solo EP. I don’t think it would’ve been possible to develop my sound into the way that it has developed without the inspiration of French Touch/Disco artists such as fusq, Suken, Bazz, Billboard, the Sexy Brut team, and the Future Funk artists that continue to push the barriers of what the genre is defined as. It has definitely been an exciting experience to communicate with new artists, get help from them, and really get to know them as people.

Question 2: 810 an adieu to the old, ushering in the new?

After taking a break from the Future Society family, you released a stellar album on Business Casual known as “810.” There are tracks you’ve posted in the past on the album as well as some newer material. It was a sort of farewell to your older style, so what does the album particularly mean to you and how did it represent yourself as an artist?

810 was written over the course of the summer while I was visiting and meeting new members of my family that I had never met before. I spent a lot of of my days spending time with my family, and spent probably half of every night sampling, programming percussion and writing baselines. I was in another country, so I was only able to bring a pair of headphones and my laptop. I left my keyboard at home, and basically penciled the notes in for whatever I was producing. It was painstaking, but 810 is a representation of the type of Future Funk music I quite accidentally developed as a part of the scene. The title track is especially important to me, as it was finished on my 18th birthday, and it was the last song to be completed in the EP. It represented the grassroots origin of the FIBRE project. 810 serves well as an outro, but it also ends in a very ambient way, and echoes off into silence. It completes the EP, but also leaves the listener wanting more.

Question 3: Montaime and it's goals.

Montaime seems to have been looming around for quite some time now, I know personally that you’ve been working quite hard on it and assembling a stellar compilation. Could you tell us more about Montaime and what it’s objective is as a new label?

Montaime is a project that I’ve been working on with some close friends for a while now. It’s been in the works ever since mid last year, and it is a label that focuses mostly on the “French Touch” blanket term. The term covers the majority of French House/Funk/Disco music, but it has developed over the years. It is essentially a niche, but you can totally consider acts such as Daft Punk, Justice, Breakout, Mr. Oizo, SebastiAn, Mr. Flash, etc as a part of that. Essentially, my friends and I got together to mash micro samples and synths together into a banging record. There are hints of future funk on that compilation which is cool, but a lot of it is way different from what most House/Future Funk labels are doing. I feel that this is going to bring some of the French Touch community together and get us talking in between ourselves more. I would say that some of the tracks on the compilation are even Ed Banger-like in style :) It’s going to be cool to see how it unfolds, and hopefully it will make way for new projects down the line in between these artists. But for the most part, it is like throwing yourself in a pitch black room. You don’t know exactly if it will be as successful as you expect it to be, so we are trying to take it one step at a time. We are also planning to do a small vinyl run for this compilation, which will be super tight!

Question 4: Fibre's inspirations and recommendations. 

Be it Future Funk, Disco House, French Touch, etc, what would you recommend to newer producers who want to get into this sort of funk/disco inspired music that we all make?


Future Funk:



Amherst - Like New

Future Society Volume 2

Keats Collective Volume 5

VANTAGE // - Metro City

Moe Shop - Pure Pure and Moshi Moshi

Disco House:

The Phantom’s Revenge - Charlie

Melee - VII (esp Miss Fine Love)

Le Phunk - Club Flamingo EP

French Touch:

Suken - Linear Love Story

Fonkynson - #followme

fusq - Lost Station EP

Bazz - Pudding EP

Breakbot - By Your Side

Daft Punk’s entire discography

Roule/Crydamoure discography

Vulture Music discography

Lemaitre - Relativity 1, 2 and 3

Justice - †

SebastiAn - Total

SebastiAn - Remixes

Mr. Oizo - Lambs Anger / Stade 2 / All Wet

Mr. Flash - Sonic Crusader

DJ Mehdi - Lucky Boy

Uffie - Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans

This isn’t French Touch, but Capsule’s entire discography is tight. Especially “phony phonic.” Phenomenal album. The Avalanches’ “Since I Left You” is also a big inspiration for me. Obviously, most of the Ed Banger discog as well.

Question 5: Plans and upcoming releases.

Being the ambitious artist that you are, there seems to be a lot of opportunities and ideas coming to life in the future for you, could you tell a bit about what your plans are in the coming months?

For 2017, I have a solo EP in the works which is very post-French Touch influenced. I also have a couple of singles and a compilation track coming out on my label Montaime! If everything goes to plan this will be the first time a song of mine gets put on wax, so its exciting. I’ll also be working with several artists on collaborations. That’s all I can say for now!

Thank you for the words, I’m personally very excited about what Montaime’s future holds as well that solo EP in the works! If you want to hear more of Fibre’s music be sure to check out his Soundcloud and social medias.

Thanks for reading~

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